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Tour About Our Colonial Heritage

  • About Our Colonial Heritage

    Christopher Columbus arrived to the continent in Trujillo (Colon) in 1502. He called for deep Honduras coast.

    The Spanish Hernan Cortes arrived in 1524. The Colonial Period of the conquest of Honduras began in 1524, when Hernan Cortes, conqueror of Mexico, sent Olid to initiate the subjugation of the Hondurans indigenous, most of Lencas, Jicaques, Payas and Arawacos.

    The conquest was also marked by the struggles between the various Spanish power centers located in Mexico, Panama and Santo Domingo. In any case, Honduras was a province dependent viceroyalty of New Spain.

    Cortes arrived in 1525 to formally occupy the territory, but the discovery of gold in Honduras became a center of intrigue and conflict for several years. Alonso de Cáceres founded the city of Comayagua in 1537 and won the heroic resistance of the Indian leader Lempira.

    The location of Cortes in Guatemala, Pedro de Alvarado, defeated all his opponents in 1539. That year, Honduras was incorporated into the Captaincy General of Guatemala.

    Comayagua was the capital during most of the colonial period, although the mining boom around Thanksgiving this population gave such importance that in 1543 became the capital of the Audiencia de los Confines, created by Charles I and covering throughout Central America.

    However, gold and silver deposits were more limited than previously thought and Honduras lost its initial importance, as the capital of the Audiencia was restored in Guatemala. Honduras was ruled by this Court until 1552 and then fell under the Captaincy General of Guatemala .- Wikipedia

    Tour San Fernando Fortress, Omoa, Cortes

    Departamento de Cortes 7:00 a.m. We leave LCE on a 250 km. trip to the largest and best preserved colonial fortress in the country.

    An expert guide will take you back in time thru this historical site and the museum inside.

    • Include: Transportation from LCE and back
    • 2 days/1 night + Entrance fees

    Tour of the Colonial Capital - Comayagua

    • 7:00 a.m. - We leave LCE on the first leg of our trip, 349 kms. to Pulhapanzak Waterfalls, after which we continue to Finca las Glorias Hotel, on the shores of Lake 
      Yojoa, for lunch. 
    • After lunch, we travel to the Taulabe Caverns on a guied tour to discover various formations of stalagmites and stalactites. 
    • We then proceed on our way to Comayagua and visit several churches of the colonial period, specially the cathedral, which boasts having the oldest clock in the american continent.
    • We overnight at a hotel with a/c,private bath and cable tv.Next morning we explore the city, take photos, visit museums and return to LCE
      The tour includes:
      - transportation from LCE and back
      - 2 days/1 night
      - entrance fees
      - Lunch at Finca Las Glorias Hotel

    Tour a La Fortaleza de San Cristobal en Gracias, Departamento de Lempira.

    • 7am Salida desde La Ceiba rumbo a Santa Rosa de Copan a 422 kms de distancia.
    • Primero visitamos esta ciudad parte de nuestra Herencia Colonial y aprovechamos almorzar gastronomía típica de la zona.
    • Partimos con destino a Gracias, Lempira al llegar nos alojamos en el Hotel Guancascos al pie de la Fortaleza.
    • Continuamos nuestra exploración por la ciudad visitamos las principales iglesias coloniales,asi como también sitios de mayor relevancia.
    • Temprano por la mañana visitamos la Fortaleza de San Cristobal cuya característica es estar rodeada de montañas y ubicada al Centro del país, contrario a San Fernando de Omoa y Santa Barbara de Trujillo ubicadas respectivamente a lo alto por la bahía en la Costa Norte de Honduras.
    • Al final de nuestro recorrido visitamos La Campa poseedora de una impresionante iglesia, legado de la Epoca Colonial a nuestros dias , pernocatamos una noche extra en el Hotel Guancasco.
    • Temprano nos desplazamos a las ciudades de La Esperanza e Intibuca en el Departamento de Intibuca visitando también Yamaranguila Pueblo Lenca donde se encuentra el Templo de la Vara Alta frente a una pequeña iglesia colonial, hacemos una visita para ver las estalacnitas y estalactitas en las Cuevas de Taulabe, luego vamos a Hotel Finca Las Glorias para almorzar a orillas del Lago de Yojoa continuamos a visitar las Cataratas de Pulhapanzak al terminar el recorrido de estas exuberantes cataratas nos vamos de regreso a La Ceiba.
    • Incluye: Traslados por 700 kms desde y hacia La Ceiba
    • 3 dias / 2 noches de alojamiento
    • 2 almuerzos típicos Entradas y guía a los sitios antes mencionados

    Tour of Santa Barbara Fortress Trujillo, Colon

    • 7am Departure from La Ceiba on the road for 200 kms all the way to the city of Trujillo (one of the first capital of the Americas).
    • Before our arrival in Trujillo we stop by the Pech Indigenous Community known as Silin , where we have the opportunity to interact with this fascinating people also be able to purchase their art crafts.
    • When we arrive in Trujillo, we visit the most relevant sites of the city and enjoy relaxing at the beautiful beach of their bay known as one of the best bays in Honduras.
    • Later we take a guided tour of the Santa Barbara Fortress built in Colonial Honduras to protect this area that belonged to the Spanish Crown of pirates and corsairs.
    • To end our trip we take our delicious Garifuna lunch by the shore prior to our exit towards getting back to La Ceiba.
    • Include:Transfers La Ceiba-Trujillo-La Ceiba in a/c and inssured vehicles.
    • Entrance fees and bilingual guides in the sites mentioned.
    • 1lunch of the local gastronomy
    • Price per person: U$ 99 por persona minimo 2 personas.

    Tarifas especiales para grupos de estudiantes.

    Esta excursión es ideal para grupos estudiantiles, familiares y público en general. Disfrútalo!!

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