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Livingston ! 2 Countries in 2 days! Min 10 people:

  • Livingston ! 2 Countries in 2 days!

    Places to visit

    PUERTO BARRIOS : It is a city in Guatemala , located within the Gulf of Honduras at 15 º N 88 º 43 • 35 • W. The Bay that it is located is called Amatique Bay. Puerto Barrios is the departmental seat of Izabal department it is 297 kms northeast of Guatemala City.

    Puerto Barrios has an interesting diverse population, they are a mix of mostly Afro- Guatemalans, Maya, Afro -Caribbean its heyday was during the 19th century to the early part of the 20th century after the construction of the railway connecting the banana plantations to the dock.

    Puerto Barrios is an important point of connection to tourist attractions such as: Mayan Ruins of Quirigua, the Castle of San Felipe de Lara is strong in Rio Dulce guarding the entrance of Lake Izabal, as well as its proximity to the Garifuna community Livingston.

    This fascinating point begin our brief tour:

    Day 1

    7:00 am Departure from La Ceiba to Puerto Barrios we arrive at about 1:00 pm.

    2:00 pm We travel the bay by boat to the Livingston coast, arriving 3:00 pm for type checking into the hotel and then make a walking tour of Livingston, visiting the sites of greatest interest for its nightlife and clubs

    Day 2:

    We make our exit by boat on the Rio Dulce Canyon to connect with Lake Izabal, this lake has a width of 9 km and a boat ride for about 30 miles and has an average enlargement is called the Rio Dulce fresh water gulf it is almost a lagoon is surrounded by a jungle environment .

    This Rio Dulce tour gives us the opportunity to bathe in hot springs and take an intermediate break ,then go through the lagoons and see different streams to lull us, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the entire river. We cannot miss sight of the Bird Island where large numbers of birds of various kinds are seen throughout the canyon, some of which are endemic birds of the site within the rainforest.

    12:00 am we arrived at the bridge at Rio Dulce where we concluded to take road to La Ceiba where we will be arriving at 8:00 pm.


    - Ground transportation round trip from La Ceiba - Puerto Barrios

    - Travel by Boat for the Guatemalan Atlantic.

    - 1 Night Budget Hotel in Livingston.

    - Guide.

    - Travel within Livingston

    - Water transport in Rio Dulce about 30 km.

    - Transportation Rio Dulce La Ceiba.

    Price per person min 10 people: U.S. $ 155

    Recommended for families and student groups, as well as for elderly people. Do not miss it! Check room rates for students.


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