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Tour of Trujillo

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About Trujillo

Trujillo is a Historical Port

Trujillo is an enchanting Historical Port located 2 ½ hrs from La Ceiba boasts of one of the best looking bays within Honduras.

What makes Trujillo historical and quite unique is that it was on the 14th of August of 1502 that  the first Catholic Mass was held and it was the first time that after discovering islands they set foot on the mainland. Trujillo was one of the first capitals in the New World and due to the visits of English pirates and corsairs,the Spanish Crown built  the Santa Barbara Fortress to protect their holdings and it still stands today.

Archeologists have found Pre-columbian  monticules in the area that today is a delightful bay with white sandy pristine beaches.

We at Tourist Options offer the following:

  • Reservation & hotel bookings
  • Transfers
  • Tours to the highlight attractions.

Featuring our: Getting to know Trujillo$45

  • 7:30am We head out from La Ceiba towards Trujillo.
  • We tour the city and visit the Colonial Museumthen we take a guided tour of the Santa Barbara Fortress and last but not least enjoy bathing in the Caribbean Sea in a gorgeous stretch of beach.
  • We go back to La Ceiba.
  • Minimum of 4 people

Price= $45 per person (min 4 pax)


  • Transfers La Ceiba-Trujillo-La Ceiba
  • Guides,entrance fees.
  • Does not include meals

Optional tours at an extra cost originating in Trujillo

from 8am-3pm. All tours include transfers from and to Trujillo, guide, and entrance fees. We offer the following trips:

  1. Punta Caxinas Tour
  2. Guaymoreto Lagoon Tour
  3. Garifuna Community Circuit
  4. Capiro y Calentura Mountain Tour

Punta Caxinas Tour
It is a hike within the Caribbean Forest to visit the site where the First Catholic Mass held in the American Continent and the first time Christopher Columbus set foot in the mainland. Also we have the opportunity to do snorkeling at a starfish bank known as “Banco de Estrellas” we travel on a motorboat towards Punta Caxinas.

Price per person in a min of 5: U$ 39 p.p.

Guaymoreto Lagoon Tour
It is a motorboat tour through the mangroves of this Protected Area; this is a great place to see many birds and beautiful scenery while we continue on the mangrove canals.
Price per person in a min of 5: U$ 49 p.p.

Garifuna Community Circuit
It is a circuit where we visit the most authentic Garifuna Communities that happen to be located in the pristine areas of the Caribbean Coast with white sandy beaches, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Guadalupe, Punta Betulia, Plan Grande, and Quinito.

Price per person in a min of 5: U$ 39 p.p.

Capiro y Calentura Mountain Tour
It is a requirement to be physically fit because this trip involves 7 hours of hiking the mountain of this National Park where the highest point is 1300mts of altitude.

Price person in a min of 5: U$ 39 p.p.

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